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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) refer to the integrated application of advanced sensor, computer, electronics, and communication technologies and management strategies to provide traveler information and increase the safety and efficiency of the surface transportation system.


  • Planning for ITS
    • Finding ITS solutions for transportation problems
    • ITS feasibility assessment
    • Programming of ITS projects
  • Developing ITS architecture
    • Statewide
    • Regional
    • Project-level
  • Supporting ITS deployment
    • Functional requirements
    • Technical specifications
    • Communications alternatives
  • Evaluating ITS projects
    • Estimate impacts
    • Market research
    • Before-and-after studies
  • Support ITS integrations
    • Inter-jurisdictional coordination
    • Institutional issues and agreements
    • Software solutions
  • Technical Training
    • ITS architecture and standards
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