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Traffic Operations

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has identified congestion as one of its "vital few" priority areas. As mobility demands (i.e., traffic levels) continue to rise, combined with limited resources, transportation professionals must adopt innovative ways of managing existing systems more efficiently. This includes the use of technologies, such as ITS, and the use of effective modeling tools to support operational decisions.

A simple solution, such as updating traffic signal timing, can sometimes save motorists hours of unneeded delay. However, developing traffic signal timing plans for complex traffic conditions requires detailed data and the use of sophisticated models. Most agencies are limited by staff, funding, and technological resources to operate and maintain these tools. Therefore, ATAC can assist these agencies by providing resources (software tools and qualified staff) for conducting these analyses.


  • Facilitate the use of traffic analysis software (traffic signal timing and traffic simulation)
    • Develop software enhancements (add-ons)
    • Provide training on the use of traffic analysis software
    • Provide guidance on the use of traffic analysis tools
    • Support interpretation of model output
  • Demonstrate high-end applications of traffic analysis software
    • Traffic simulation for large networks
    • 3D animation
    • Test new software
  • Investigate new approaches to traffic control
    • Artificial Intelligence applications
    • Hardware-in-the-loop
  • Enhance traffic data collection
    • Video-based
    • Radar-based
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